10 Awesome Podcasts Aimed to Help Fight Obesity

To fight obesity, we need to learn more about it. Although it’s certainly true that simply overeating could lead to weight gain, there are usually more factors that are involved. The following podcasts help showcase the latest findings regarding what exactly goes into today’s obesity epidemic, from biological factors to social causes. Click on the title to be taken to the podcast.

  1. Obesity, Appetite, Exercise, and Weight Loss – An entertaining and informative podcast from the Naked Scientists, this episode talks about the science behind weight loss, how exercise works in helping you to lose weight, and how the brain responds to food. You can learn more about what is behind your cravings to help you beat them and lose weight.
  2. Obesity and Women – From the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control, this podcast focuses on women’s health, and how obesity affects women and girls. It talks about the health risks of obesity and how women and girls can help get down to a healthy weight.
  3. Big Food: Health, Culture, and the Evolution of Eating – Hosted by Kelly Brownell and featuring guests from the Community Alliance for Research and Engagement, this podcast from Yale University helps you learn about how culture affects our eating habits. Understanding societal pressure and policies put in place surrounding our food can help us learn more about the obesity epidemic.
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  5. Preventive Pharmacology and Obesity – From the Obesity Panacea series of podcasts, this episode is a fascinating look at how pharmaceuticals have been used in the fight against obesity, and whether or not they have been working at all. One of the drugs looked at is Ritalin, which is more commonly prescribed for Attention Deficit Disorder.
  6. Obesity in Children – Childhood obesity is a growing problem in America. This podcast from the University of Maryland Medical Center’s Medically Speaking series features Dr. Virginia Keane. She discusses the food choices and sedentary behavior that is fueling this epidemic, and what parents can do to make changes now before health problems develop down the road.
  7. Pounding Away at America’s Obesity Epidemic – From NPR, this podcast examines all of the different factors that are going into America’s obesity epidemic. This includes marketing junk food to children, the damage done by pop diets, and the lack of fresh food in poor urban areas of America’s cities. This helps you see that there’s more to obesity than simply lack of willpower.
  8. The World is Fat: Obesity Now Outweighs Hunger Worldwide – From Scientific American Magazine, this podcast features a discussion with the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s nutrition expert, Barry Popkin. He talks about how obesity is spreading around the world, even in developing nations that were facing hunger only a few short years ago.
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  10. Preventing Obesity Part 1: Adequate Sleep – Podcast #19 from the Obesity Panacea series, this one looks at how sleep affects weight gain and obesity. In it, Dr. Angelo Tremblay shows the link between inadequate sleep and obesity, which is a factor many people don’t think about.
  11. Living Large: Obesity in America – This series of podcasts is an interesting look at America’s obesity problem takes on what changes in society have arisen as a result of growing obesity. The way we do business has changed, as well as facilities everywhere from airports to factory floors.


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