Public Health Community Scholarship

$2,500 Public Health Community SCHOLARSHIP

One Winner

Every Winter


Annual Award

January 5th

Deadline is pleased to announce the Public Health Community Scholarship for 2016.

The Scholarship

We are offering one, $2,500.00, merit-based scholarships to deserving Public Health students at the start of each calendar year.

The purpose of the merit-based Public Health Community Scholarship is to help Public Health students pay for the costs of their education.

Essay Question

The 500-800 word essay for the 2015 Public Health Community Scholarship will ask the Public Health student to address the following:

  • What led you to choose Public Health as an area of study and how do you hope to contribute to this field upon graduation from your school/program?
  • Who Qualifies for the Scholarship?

    Ideal for Public Health Workers, Nurses, Physicians, Social Workers, Community Leaders and more. The scholarship is open to:

    • All Undergraduate, Graduate students & professionals.
    • International & developing country students welcome!
    • Military welcome!

    Applicants must be currently enrolled in a Public Health program.

    All applicants will be given Equal Opportunity Consideration*

    As seen on:

    All Public Health degrees and specializations will be considered, including but not limited to:

    Selection Criteria

    Winning applicants for The Public Health Community Scholarship are selected based upon the overall merit of their application and the quality of their scholarship essay.

    Financial need is not a consideration.

    The winners of the scholarships will be chosen by our student ambassador staff based upon the overall merit of their application.

    One half of the weight of the judging will be from the formal application, and one half will come from the written essay portion.

    Additional considered criteria are:

    • GPA (min 3.0 on a 4.0 scale)
    • Extra-curricular activities
    • Employment history

    How the Essay is Judged

    Your written essay will be judged based on (1) the strength of your answer that (2) directly answers the Public Health-related prompt, and (3) includes insights, based upon facts to support any claims you make.

    Announcing the Winner

    The winners of the Public Health Community Scholarship shall be notified by email and regular mail within thirty days of the application deadline.

    After winners are chosen, the student will be required to provide transcripts from their most recent college or university to verify their GPA. If the candidate cannot provide this documentation, or if the GPA is different from the GPA that was claimed on the application, MPH Programs reserves the right to revoke the scholarship and give it to another deserving applicant.

    The scholarship award needs to be paid in one full, $2,500 payment by check directly to a qualifying educational program, such as a four-year university. The award must be paid within three-months of notification to the winner.

    The scholarship recipient's name, city and state will be posted on MPH Programs on a page of the website.

    Official Rules

    All applicants who are interested must submit the formal application and essay.

    The Essay

    The essay is 500-800 words submitted through our application form. If it doesn't meet the word count requirement it will automatically be deleted.

    All essays have to be completely original, and must be the sole work of the applicant. Any applications that have any false information or plagiarized essays are disqualified immediately.

    All of the application essays and their rights to publishing are the intellectual and real property of MPH Programs All essays may be published on the website at publishers’ discretion. If this website publishes an essay, the name of the applicant will be shown along with a photo.

    Letters of recommendation are not required nor are accepted.

    *Equal Opportunity Consideration

    MPH Programs does not discriminate based on age, race, sex, religion, disability status or sexual preference. All Public Health applicants are considered equally, based upon their merits and strength of their essay and application.

    This website has complete discretion in choosing the winners of the scholarship.

    Please direct any questions, comments or complaints to the Scholarship Coordinator at finaid(@)


    Rafael Veraza

    "There are very few scholarships like the Public Health Community Scholarship out there, that provide up to $2500.00. As a graduate of a Public Health school, I wish I would have had opportunities like this scholarship to supplement my tuition and fees during my MPH. I would encourage any Public Health student out there that qualifies for this scholarship to submit their applications and promote this scholarship to interested applicants. "-Rafael Veraza, MPH Graduate of Emory University

    Kate Swartz

    "The most valuable part of this scholarship: The Essay question. Alright, the money's nice, and this scholarship on your resume holds a lot of weight in the Public Health Job Market. But there's nothing more valuable than insights into your own career goals and passions. If you're serious about Public Health, answer the question. If you're serious about your future, apply for this scholarship."-Kate Swartz, MPH Graduate of University of Southern California, Founder of Street Fighters of Public Health