5 Benefits to Getting Your MPH from a For-Profit School

Obtaining a college education is more important than ever to stay employed. Did you know that the unemployment rate for professionals with a master’s degree is just 3.6%?  Fortunately, with the explosion in online education and for-profit colleges, it is easier than ever to get an online master’s degree.

For example, for-profit colleges such as Capella University and Walden University offer excellent online master’s in public health (MPH) degrees that you can earn in approximately two years.

An MPH degree from these for-profit universities offer you substantial benefits that you probably have never heard about. For example:

#1 You will earn much more after earning your for-profit MPH.

At Capella University, graduate statistics show that the average salary of a Capella graduate increased a whopping 62% within five years. There is definitive proof that earning an online, for-profit university degree will provide you with substantial financial benefits in the near future.

#2 Employers of for-profit MPH graduates give the schools high marks.

At Capella University, 96% of employers given the school’s graduates a rating of exceptional or proficient in their jobs. This indicates that you will definitely learn the knowledge and skills that you need to succeed in the field of public health.

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#3 The faculty at many for-profit MPH programs is top notch.

At Walden University, you will enjoy an excellent MPH program that features instructors educated in public health and medicine from Johns Hopkins University, Indiana University, Boston University, University of Wisconsin, University of Texas-Austin, University of Michigan, Columbia University and George Washington University.

#4 Most for-profit university MPH programs require you to complete a practicum and capstone.

If you want to ensure that your online MPH program has a high degree of value to future employers, you will be glad to know that at Walden University, you must do a practicum that is focused on public health delivery, or on research. For example, you could assess the health needs in a community or evaluate the effectiveness of a health program. It is your choice on where you wish to do this work – in a city, state or federal public health agency. But completing this type of challenging assignment will give your degree a high amount of value.

#5 Most MPH holders from for-profit universities are satisfied with their education.

At Walden University, almost nine out of 10 students were ‘satisfied or highly satisfied’ with their education. Also, four out of five students were satisfied with the faculty at the university.

As you can see, students who attend for-profit colleges to earn their online MPH enjoy many benefits. You should definitely consider an online MPH as you evaluate your next career move.

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